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Glamorous Photo Walk

A Photo Communiqué Event

along with the InBedWithSue forum group on FaceBook


Glamorous Photo Walk on the Highline NYC


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Photo Communiqué and InBedWithSue community. Let’s get ‘IBWS Guys & Dolled Up’
Dress to the nines … Wear your Sunday best …

YOU, photographer colleagues are the subject this time.

Because, you ought to be in pictures.

This is an incredible educational opportunity.

Come to the Highline at the 30th St entrance

after PDN PhotoPlus for a portrait walk!

Portrait Contest too. Dig that!

This is THE first I have heard of something like this. I am so very proud to host and meet you all. CreativeLIVE … InBedWithSue & Photo Communiqué are breaking the barriers in portrait photography education. Lori Patrick

Thanks for your support. See you on the Highline baby!

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