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Paul C. Buff / A memoriam

IN MEMORIUM: One of our great light providers has followed his. Rest in peace Mr. Buff. You have helped create extraordinary work. Your legend will continue with photographers for years to come.

Read the entire story on Paul’s site. This spirited man will be missed greatly. 



If anyone would care to submit images utilizing the lighting from Paul’s arsenal send to me stating what equipment used, sized at 800 long side.

Please email me at lori@photocommunique.com and I will include them on this tribute posting. 

©John Watt / Alien Bee & Speedlights

©John Watt / Alien Bee & Speedlights



©Victoria Pavlatos /

GinaLantzPhotography-LopezFamily-800- -0853

©Gina Lantz / Alien Bee 800 with Paul C Buff Octobox


©Matt Meiers / two Einsteins (gridded stripboxes)


©Benjamin Marcum / One AlienBee 800

20150307-gretatorry0270-rw1 copy

©Michael Gowin / Einstein in a 60″ Photek Softlighter II plus 2 behind

Cutting Edge Photography ROCKSTAR Senior Portraits

©David Hakamaki / 2  AB-800s (main and fill) with 1 AB-400 (kicker) & Cybersync trigger system


©Jon Lisbon / Einstein in a PaulBuff beauty dish with grid.