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WPPI Learning Headshots Class 2016

Lori Patrick is teaching the hands on class
Learning Headshots for WPPI in LasVegas

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What will you learn:

This is a class where you are the model and photographer.

Lori will lead a discussion about capturing for intention, posing, cropping and more. We will then jump into grabbing a partner and take turns shooting each other. Expect to work with more than one partner. The more you do, the better you will come to understanding both sides of the lens. Lori will work the room to coach and view back of camera images and give direction. This will be fast paced. Switch sides or partners within 10 minutes. Like a school dance, cut in.

Join our … The Headshot with Lori Patrick group on FaceBook.

Feel free to share your images with your partners to use in social media. These classes are fun and new friendships are formed. Support each other.


What to bring:

Your DSLR and favorite portrait lens.  I will suggest a 50mm or 85mm. I would like to see you shooting at f8 as an average for crisp images and we will find natural light. There will be a few portable backdrops available.

Bring business cards to share with your shooting partners for sharing purposes. Those utilizing model releases, do so after the walk to save time. Please drop a business card with Lori as well.

Our class is early, 8:30 AM, so dress for the day, with a shirt or top that you would want your headshot taken in. Get your beauty / handsome sleep.

The objective is to learn directing, posing and expression for a client’s headshot intention in this class.

I look forward to our PhotoWalk. This is my favorite way to teach.

An excerpt from 2015


A special shout out to some supporting vendors.

Westcott  the loan of an X backdrop for demonstration

ThinkTank Photo  a welcome gift 

Spider Holster  pro demo support

Finao Albums  a welcome gift

Hands On! See you there.

We meet in hallway 106 100 in the conference center.