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Daniel’s “Divine Consciousness”

Photo Communiqué Featured Artist with Daniel Sanchez

Sometimes the 3 letter word WOW flies into your thoughts.
(expressing astonishment or admiration) “Wow!” he cried enthusiastically"

©Daniel Sanchez

 I routinely look at videos to see how people are progressing with their work on a forum I manage with the video creation platform Animoto.com utilized by businesses and photographers around the globe. 

 I was intrigued by the cover of Daniel’s video and watched the clever presentation of his work and artist belief system. I immediately scooped him up as a featured artist on Photo Communiqué. I particularly love that he professes a non gear acquisition approach. This factor hurts many photographers starting out. He also studies well and puts it to work. He is one to watch. -Lori Patrick

Let’s start with your name and where you reside or work

My name is Daniel Sanchez. I was born and raised in Ecuador, then moved to New York 6 years ago to pursue my career in Photography.

Your line of work pertaining to the photographic community.

Fine Art and Portrait Photography

Tell us about your project of what inspired Lori to reach out for a feature with you.

I made a big announcement through the social media networks when I launched my series Divine Consciousness. I was promoting a video titled “Fine Art Photography Explained in 60 Seconds” where I showed in detail my journey that led to this moment in my career.

This was my first Fine Art Project, so I didn’t want to publish the artwork alone. I thought it needed a video that delivers a strong message to my audience. That’s how Lori found me and invited me to share my story!

 What type of photography do you enjoy for fun or personal fulfillment? 

I do all type of things when I shoot for fun, specially when I’m out of new ideas. A few months ago I went hiking because I wanted to spend time outside of my studio and practice some landscape photography. Today, I do that in a regular basis in case I need stock images in the future. I also get in touch with the community at Model Mayhem, when I want to experiment with new techniques. It helps my models and I to improve our portfolios!

What do you specialize in for business?

Although my main priority is to exhibit my work in galleries, most of my income as a photographer comes from taking headshots of Actors and Models in New York City. I want to expand that business and eventually do both full time. That’s the dream!


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 ©Daniel Sanchez

 Any favorite equipment choices for your work?

My weapon of choice it’s the old and reliable Nikon D5100 with the standard 18-55mm lens. I’ve been shooting with this camera since day one. For some people that’s a shocker! because it’s a cropped sensor camera. The truth is that most cameras today will do the job as long as you light your subject properly.

 What editing programs are your go to?

Camera Raw to setup my photographs and then Photoshop for the retouching process.

 Who do you follow as an inspiration or education source?

I am a big fan of Miss Aniela and Brooke Shaden, their work it’s the perfect combination of fantasy and surrealism. I often watch their Behind The Scenes videos when I need inspiration for my own work.

When it comes to education I visit photography blogs like Phlearn, Fstoppers, SLR Lounge and Peta Pixel. They got the most current and relevant tutorials on the internet. But let’s not forget about Creative Live, their workshops are the best thing that happened to photographers. Plus it’s free if you watch them live.

 Where can we find more of your work, or follow you Daniel?


Online Store:




Youtube Channel


Daniel Sanchez

At Photo Communiqué, we look forward to seeing what masterpieces this passionate artist creates next.