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“is a self portrait that I had originally sketched out around a year ago. It’s part of a mini series that I started at the end of last year. I loved the simplicity and boldness of a single red rose on a black background. I like the fact that roses are popular symbols in art and can have many different meanings. Truthfully, I had no specific message to convey when I made this but I do like that it could mean something different to each person who sees it. I actually decided to keep that same rose for weeks; I let it wither and break down and then re-created a similar image. That one does have a message but I felt I needed to create this one first for continuity”. 

-Leanne Munro

_MG_8049web21                                                                                                                                          ©Leanne Munro

Leanne resides in Scotland.  She has the ability to take you to another place or a beautiful thought with her self portrait work. Utilizing composites in many of her images. She brings imagination to a new and very elegant yet simple level. 

See Leanne’s work and interactions on Flickr or on her Facebook page.

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