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Sue Bryce Launches New Site

We have loved her on CreativeLIVE for 3 years. Now we have her up close and personal on an interactive website and blog for client based glamour education.


sue bryce education


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For over a year Sue has been producing beautiful shoots and finding concepts in each one to film segments as education topics for the new website. She has watched for the needs and questions frequently asked in her community groups on Facebook and delivered the answers through video recordings just released today on her launch. The conversation will continue and more in depth with Sue and her team of 9 glamour photographer mentors trained by her on the Convocation page. If you want honest to goodness Critique of an image or PDF in a very safe environment, there is a page for that. Hear from Sue, the Mentors and others in the community to help you grow and flourish during your studio training. Together we can own a quote by Sue.

“I know when I’m in my studio with a camera and a client,
I’m going to take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself”.
-Sue Bryce

Once you subscribe to the service for only $25. a month, you will have access to the the above mentioned and the incredible video content on subjects for varying subjects tea staining flowers, editing a mature face, LOTS of DIY from wardrobe to backgrounds and beyond,  specialty shoots… I could go on and on, but want you to see for yourself the care and love that went into producing this for you.  This is content that was not demonstrated on her CreativeLIVE classes mostly. It does not end there. Sue will continue to create video content indefinitely according to what you need to learn.  At launch there are already 125 videos to absorb. Sue promises to keep this site very fresh and interactive. Her passion and life’s work is here and she wants you to succeed. Even before viewing the resources now available to you, the Gallery is a good place to start as an inspiration for learning to create beautiful portraits in your own community.

Sue is the ONE educator that has successfully brought back Glamour Photography tastefully and respectfully for studio photographers to completely understand the concept from lighting, posing, styling, marketing and service. 
She is one woman in the midst of many changed lives from photographer to client.


Part of a note I wrote to Sue during the beta test. I am also one of the 9 mentors on the site.
(see us on CreativeLIVE along with Sue for Portrait Startup on building a glamour studio, the first 3 years)

‘What do I see when looking at the new website
I see and feel the magic of that first time we met you on creativeLIVE. The emotive feelings while watching the videos on the intro page that leads to an understanding of why this is so important. One woman at a time.
I feel the respect you deserve for all your years of service, art and education.
I see a gallery very well rounded that speaks to your sensibilities. 
I love the page inviting viewers to train with 28 Days with Sue Bryce. It is our pride and joy for all that own it and is making studio dreams come true right before our eyes with testimony in the groups.
I am grateful and honored to be a part of this next chapter of the journey as we continue to foster and find the next true glamour photographers as they learn from Sue Bryce Education resources’

-article written by Lori Patrick

WPPI Learning Headshots Class 2015

Lori Patrick is teaching the hands on class

Learning Headshots for WPPI in LasVegas 




Book Author

Click this image for registration 

Screenshot 2015-02-13 18.01.12


What will you learn:

This is a class where you are the model and photographer. 

Lori will lead a discussion about capturing for intention, posing, cropping and more. We will then jump into grabbing a partner and take turns shooting each other. Expect to work with more than one partner. The more you do, the better you will come to understanding both sides of the lens.  Lori will work the room to coach and view back of camera images and give direction. This will be fast paced. Switch sides or partners within 10 minutes. Like a school dance, cut in.                            

You want to then go home and edit these images for critique in a special file in The Headshot with Lori Patrick group on FaceBook by Lori. Feel free to share your images with your partners to use in social media. These classes are fun and new friendships are formed. Support each other.







What to bring:

Your DSLR and favorite portrait lens. Since bokeh isn’t the lesson in this class I will suggest a 50mm or 85mm.  I would like to see you shooting at f8 as an average for crisp images. I will have 2 Westcott IceLights for demo purposes and portability and we will find natural light. There will be a few portable backdrops available.

Bring business cards to share with your shooting partners for sharing purposes. Those utilizing model releases, do so after the walk to save time.

Our class is early, 8:30 AM, so dress for the day, with a shirt or top that you would want your headshot taken in. Get your beauty / handsome sleep. 

The objective is to learn directing, posing and expression for a client’s headshot intention in this class. 

I look forward to our PhotoWalk. This is my favorite way to teach.

A special shout out to some supporting vendors. 

Westcott for the loan of 2 IceLights for demonstration.

Fotodiox Pro for the loan of pop up backdrops for headshot shooting.

ThinkTank Photo for a welcome gift.

Shoot Proof for a welcome gift.

Hands On!  See you there.

Find STUDIO B on the map! See arrow.

That is our meeting point. We will go to the location from there. 

Screenshot 2015-02-13 20.43.42


Here are some behind the scenes from a similar venue in October 2014.                                         


In 1983 Lori Patrick began her studies and practice of photography with NYIP. Lori started producing headshots in 2006 for a newspaper covering arts and entertainment. She is a creator and community builder of some popular facebook teaching groups with over 25,000 in membership, including The Headshot with Lori Patrick. From this experience she has curated Photo Communiqué a working photographers education site. Lori believes that most anyone can use a good headshot these days as we are seeing the shift from print to fast paced online needs, everything from websites to LinkedIn and beyond. Due to this, we have an unlimited bread and butter client base that leads to great relationships which could turn into other specialty portrait needs by your studio. In her Hands On Headshot Classes, everyone experiences shooting and directing and then becomes the subject as well. Lori shares insight on how to find clients along with posing and getting the right expression for the intent of the session. 


Why yes … it is a Glamour Revolution


 When I started a little group on FaceBook for glamour portrait photographers in 2012…



Image by Felix Kunze ©2014

…we had no idea what impact it would have around the world for the evolution of so many. We have seen individuals open luxurious studios and turning out work of superior quality based on what Sue has given us and the support they find in InBedWithSue. With this group, they  have a place to expand upon the education of Sue Bryce within a strong and respecting community.

If you are seeing a modern glamour studio in your area in the past few years, it is likely due to Sue’s love for women to ‪‎exist in photos‬ with the fire she ignited in her classes on CreativeLIVE

These images we are making are heirloom quality for a lifetime. Our clients are finding beauty from the heart outward. We jokingly referred to this as a glamour revolution in the beginning. It came true.

We are nearing 20,000 members now with over 15 spin off groups offering service to other genres from newborns to males, headshots and bridal all in the great company of IBWS members. 

We have now developed mentors for the glamour platform within IBWS and they are heading to California in April to train with Sue so they can help portrait photographers reach their fullest potential and get the education needed.

Working as the manager for IBWS groups is the greatest achievement in my career to date. It is such an important duty. I have put my own studio on the back burner to help others with their education. 

View the video and you will see why this remarkable woman is changing portrait photography for the everyday woman in her own studio outreach.
Much more to come… just celebrating this milestone with you. It’s a big one.

Our Mentors

Lori Patrick / 


Nikki Closser /


Joanna Ziemlewski /


Emily London /


Heike Delmore /


Tammy Zurak /


Bethany Johs /


Shauna Lofy /


Tatiana Lumiere /



Click to view the Sue Bryce Collection

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Send me a POSTCARD …

A Pleasant Surprise

 Photo Communiqué featured artist with Liz Outhwaite and her 52 Postcards Project

 I was 8 years old when I received a letter in the mail from my Aunt Minnie. It was on pretty stationary, 2 pages long and had a unique stamp on the envelope. She told me how she was and asked about my life. I still have it and it makes me smile when I come across it. I feel the tactile nature of the paper, I see the personality in her handwriting from the pen and I feel good … just the reaction she dearly intended.

For a little over a decade we are living in a world of email and social media, a convenience beyond compare in busy lives. Keys tapping away, pressing the send or post button has given Mr. Postman much less to deliver. It most exist for flyers, junk mail, magazines and bills. If you were born after 1980 you grew up to find social media and eventually devices to connect you. It has become a lost art to send something in the mail for that one person you want to reach out to. A piece of paper with your signature as a token of taking the time to show you care, sealed with a kiss.

Liz Outhwaite is keeping the tradition alive and well. As a photographer she seeks beautiful images and creates postcards. She prints them, hand addresses with a note and a stamp and sends through the postal mail. Here is Liz’s story. I hope she inspires you to surprise someone you love or admire in sharing your gift in a more personal way. -Lori Patrick

 Let’s start with your name and where you reside or work

Liz Outhwaite. I live on the south coast of England, in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex

Your line of work pertaining to the photographic community

I’m currently not working, having just been made redundant after 27 years with the same nature conservation charity (not-for-profit organisation)! I’m spending some time to think about my future career options and photography may be something I pursue. At the moment I’m enjoying being able to devote time to my passion, plus getting my much neglected website updated!

Tell us about your project of what inspired Lori to reach out for a feature with you

This year, 2014, I decided I wanted to liberate images from my hard drive and share them in a tangible way, rather than just post them on the web. Having completed a 365 photo a day project in 2008, I wanted something that involved a regular commitment, but was not as demanding as a photo a day. I had been inspired by some photo friends who were printing 6×4 postcards and sharing them with fellow photographers. From this, my project 52 postcards was born. The aim is simple, to create, print and send (via the post/mail) a postcard a week for a year. For me, it’s important that the image is newly created and not taken from my hard drive archives. This means I have to remain creative and continue to develop my craft and style.

After the image has been received by the recipient, I do post it online (via my blog, Flickr, Facebook etc). I want the recipient to be the first person to see the card after me rather than post it immediately. Another important element of the project is to share the work of those I’ve sent the postcards to and I link to their work in my blog posts. I’m now in week 24 of the project and I’m really delighted with the feedback I’ve had.

I’m nearly half way through the project and still really enjoying it. It’s brought me into contact with many new and talented photographers and artists. I’ve also developed my photography, post-processing and printing skills.

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©Liz Outhwaite

 What type of photography do you enjoy for fun or personal fulfillment?

What do you specialize in for business?

I was asked to describe my photography just the other day and I found it really difficult! I like capturing details in the landscape (both rural and urban) rather than large sweeping landscapes. This genre is sometimes called intimate landscape. I tend to react to what’s around me and will take my camera for a walk with an open mind and generally with no set agenda for what I’m going to take. Over the last few months I’ve been experimenting with different techniques, in particular tilting and panning to create blurred, impressionistic images. I’ve also tried dusted down my old film camera and hope to make at least one image from film for this project. Technical issues have so far thwarted me (ie the film being eaten by the camera!).  People do feature in some of my images, but generally not.

As far as any business goes, I’m still working on this! I’ve recently taken a couple of workshops on dog photography, which were totally outside my comfort zone and experience, but which I thoroughly enjoyed. So who knows. . .

52 postcards - week 1, Shadows©Liz Outhwaite

 Any favorite equipment choices for your work?

I have two favorite lenses, my Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8 and Nikon 105mm f/2.8, that work well on my Nikon D800. Following carrying a pack of very heavy camera equipment around Bhutan a couple of years ago, I’ve recently bought an Olympus OMD-E-M5. I found that I wasn’t/couldn’t always have a camera with me, but the Olympus means that I can.

Jarkar©Liz Outhwaite


Chorten offering and prayer flags, Thrumshing La Pass                                                                                                                                                                          ©Liz Outhwaite

 What editing programs are your go to?

Lightroom – I couldn’t work without it! I also use Photoshop CC, but not that often. For black and white conversions, I love SilverEfex Pro.

Who do you follow as an inspiration or education source?

Education – CreativeLIVE. I’ve been with them from almost the beginning and have more courses than I’d care to admit to! I’ve learnt so much, from photography skills, to post-processing and business. I can safely say that my photography wouldn’t have developed as it has without the amazing team at CreativeLIVE. Now that I’m having to reassess my career, these courses are even more important to me. I’ve even bought courses outside my genre and interests, such as Sue Bryce and Lara Jade’s recent Experimental Portraits. Although I don’t intend going down the portrait route, you can always find inspiration from other genres.

Inspiration: I’m going to start with Brooke Shaden. I love her approach to both photography and life and making your dreams come true.

I could spend hours (and do) looking through photo books. Here is a selection of my favourites:

Where can we find more of your work or follow you Liz?


Blog: In the Making

Twitter: @louthwaitephoto




Liz will be sending me a postcard soon from the UK. When received I will share it here as an update.
Thank you Liz for teaching us the art of old fashion communiqué within this interview. 52 Postcards.


New Book Reveals

100 Future Presidents

Future American President Pre Order

What would you do if you were president of the United States? That is the question celebrated photographer and author, Matthew Jordan Smith asked children from 100 families from all around the country. In his new book, Future American President: 50 States-100 Families-Infinite Dreams, Smith masterfully photographs the answers to this question, filling-up the pages with the powerful hopes and dreams of the youngest generation. Across all fifty states, within 100 families, Smith beautifully reveals the country’s potential as it lives and breathes within America’s youth.

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This book will showcase extraordinary stand-out features; a forward written by Zendaya Coleman, the star of Disney’s “Shake It Up” and “Dancing with the Stars” sensation; an inspirational quote by President Jimmy Carter, offering “encouragement and advice for generations to come”. Educational elements will feature throughout, such as originating maps of American president’s home states, and a table of contents illustrating the path states took to unionizing.

Each one of these 100 presidents was found living somewhere in America’s many and varied backyards, only waiting to realize the American dream of fulfilling every last drop of their boundless potential. However, in truth, Smith has only photographed 99 future presidents, and has been saving the last space, the 100th, to offer every parent in America the opportunity to add their child to the book! For the entire month of June (see VIDEO for Special Offer), Smith will allow children to do more than just imagine themselves as President—they will get to see themselves as president on the cover of his new book! Also, to further the chances young people have of seeing their dreams come true, a portion of the book’s sales will be given to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America!



Matthew Jordan Smith is one of the most popular and renowned photographers in Hollywood. His successes span fashion, television and literature. He has worked with some of the top names within the entertainment business, and is also the author of two additional books: Sepia Dreams: A Celebration of Black Achievement Through Words and Images, and The Lost and Found.

Visit the author’s website at 

Visit the book project website at

“At first I wasn’t sure if it was possible to travel to every state in America, but I knew the most important thing was  to start, even if you can’t figure out how to finish. I started out on faith and a strong belief that anything is possible if you simply believe. The hard part wouldn’t be the traveling to every state in America — the hard part would be walking up to strangers and asking parents if I can photograph their children. However, that’s exactly what I did”. -Matthew Jordan Smith

pre-order your copy today


It doesn’t matter if you live in the United States or abroad, this book is an inspiration for children and families everywhere. In a world filled with video games and devices, children will find the joy of turning pages in Matthews book to let their imagination carry them into the white house as they see the 100 families photographs and the messages delivered.  

As photographers we can tell stories through our own special projects to help make our world a better place. What will be yours?  -Lp


See Matthew talk about the process of traveling to find and photograph these stories on an earlier CreativeLIVE broadcast.  

Launch Your Career Through Personal Projects

a portraits most important element … SKIN

SKIN 101

If you don’t get the skin correct in your portrait, let’s face it, you will have big problems editing and possibly will not have a sale with the image. Whether you are photographing / Beauty … Fashion … Seniors …  Headshots … Boudoir … you want to prepare the skin correctly, light it for particular clients individually to get it right, make sure color balance is right in camera and understand the importance of editing for skin.

Whatever skin type or ethnicity you need to understand, Lindsay will explain so you are prepared for any client from now on.

 Skin 101: Lighting, Retouching

and Understanding Skin



Skin 101

click image to go to course page


see Lindsays website


Lindsay Adler  taught us Fashion Flair …

Retouching Skills … Posing and more.

Her body of work is exquisite in her focus work, the fashion industry.

Take a look at Lindsay’s website to see why she is a CL favorite 

Click on her image to go there.


See You In Class!

Chat here in Communiqué






Rethinking Social Media Marketing

The glory days of your big sister’s social media for reaching potential clients to show and share what you have to offer is rapidly changing. 

I will speak of Facebook mostly because it is the #1 platform where photographers easily create and maintain a business page to connect with clients in the private sector for studio and wedding work. For those utilizing Twitter, the connection is easy to post on FB and populate a tweet of same post, both a time saver and efficient. Google+ may not be an option soon if the rumors are true. While many photographers started to semi migrate there and hang on the wire, setting up a platform … the clients were not following and the birds of the same feather were talking to each other and enjoying each others ability and work. Fun, but not the best use of time to create buzz for new business. The quirky set up kept clients in the FB nest while flying over to Instagram and Pinterest as a fun, refreshing adventure. 

In 2004 Facebook launched a college campus directory of sorts where through a few years attracted the youth culture and was a fresh diversion to MySpace. Gaining monumental popularity through time, by 2008 became a mecca of social online interaction for all ages 13 and over. Suddenly parents, eventually grandparents had a wall and a profile pic, enter the selfie … sorry, different conversation. 

Within the Facebook platform, the incredible gift of Pages was created, utilized and loved by businesses, both start up and well established. Photographers especially, had the ability for the first time to show, share and talk about what they do in a very direct way. The ones who did it right and got in early, flourished and prospered with a virtually free, powerful medium. Likes and shares were abundant during the romance period of FB culture. 

Enter 2012. Eight years later Facebook goes public. Time to embrace change in a love / hate relationship. Strange things start to begin on our pages, we are still struggling to understand the inner workings of these changes. Notably, the Promote Post button on each one. It is currently being scrutinized as to where the post goes once paid for. Facebook tells us that only a fraction of your fans will see it in their news feed. This only after we learned we must go back to our list to ask our fans to (follow) us,  didn’t they already via clicking like in the first place … Ick factor? Indeed. In real time during this writing, I popped over to FB and checked my own News Feed, both Top Stories and Most Recent scrolling about 50 or so posts on both. There are NO page posts from any of the ones I have liked or then followed. We have went from 100% discovery to possibly zilch. Therefore, new ways of reaching clients within the platform of FB are paramount to continued growth and success. I have always said you must spend the time creating your presence via a good portfolio on a custom URL, representing the work you want to attract from clients. In the future, this is more important than ever. Everything links to your site. Everything! If your portfolio is only built on a FB page you will surely meet a decline of discovery. It’s happening, it’s now, honeymoon … over. 

I do not profess to be an expert on the subject. Keeping up with it is a daunting task. However, I will be watching a very timely broadcast to further my own plans going forward. Lawrence Chan is a marketing expert for creatives. He does the research and work, we only need to listen and follow his advice. The folks at CreativeLIVE are bringing Lawrence in for a free, live streaming 2 day course. Do not miss it.

Click the image below for more details on all the included coverage topics.


On CreativeLIVE

The Photographer’s Guide to SEO and Online Marketing


        Lawrence describes what you will learn and can expect.

The current and future of business is digital. A big part of that consists of social media and search results.

Long gone are the days when you could create a free and viable word of mouth campaign with just social media. Organic sharing is becoming less predictable.

Facebook, for example, has dropped the exposure rate for brand pages from 100% to 1-10%. Google+ is rumored to shut down. Plus, there is a large problem with social media fragmentation – posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Flickr, LinkedIn, etc.

What do you do?

Additionally, social media and word of mouth marketing both rely on existing clients to sing your praise.

What if you have no existing clients?
What if you want to price out of your existing pool of referrals?
What if you simply want more traffic?
What if you relocate?
And even if you have the traffic, are you converting them?
This is where branding, content strategy, search engine optimization (SEO), and conversion come into play first. Next, you use word of mouth and social media to propel your efforts.

Whether you are a novice or a veteran, I welcome you to join me on CreativeLive where I will share various marketing strategies for free to endure changing digital climates.

at tofurious




   Lawrence Chan of

  Get to know him … he’s a photographer too!



See you in class!

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