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Portrait Education Dream Team

"this is why I created Sue Bryce Education, this site is my definitive resource to building a proven studio business model that thousands photographers around the world are using today to support their dreams and their families" _sue bryce

When Sue Bryce launched her first education website a little more than a year ago, she was on her own giving it all she had with really big aspirations. She had more ideas and plans to produce for her students than she could possibly bring to life on her own. What she did achieve was remarkable, the videos and short series created were beyond informative. The training that people were receiving was mostly new material to her CreativeLive classes. Being very close to the circle of this as a mentor for her education was exciting as I had a source for study material that I could easily refer to. Enter Sue Bryce Education.

A second birth is under development … Sue discovered she could not possibly keep wearing all the hats for her subscription website and keep new content pushing in. This means the world to Sue and she has certainty and conviction for it.  This second launch brings a partnership in extreme talent to get it right and keep it incredible. Read about those involved in the following press release courtesy of PRWeb. Click on the link to the website in next image to see Sue explain what is to come. This is the future, this is now for those serious about a portrait business.  Join us…

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image credit: Alice Prenat

World renowned portrait photographer Sue Bryce announced she is re-launching her Sue Bryce Education website for photographic education. The newly-designed website will include more than 200 instructional videos, 50 behind-the-scenes photo shoots and host a LIVE, weekly broadcast every Tuesday to cover a variety of topics. In addition, she will host a series of LIVE, 3-day workshops throughout the year. Members of “Sue Bryce Education” will have access to hours of educational content to help them hone their photo skills, learn new techniques, and understand the business of photography to build a rewarding and profitable career.

dream team

Left to right: Aaron Anderson, former executive producer at CreativeLive; George Varanakis, former GM of Photo Talent at CreativeLive; photographer Sue Bryce; and Craig Swanson, co-founder of CreativeLive

To ensure photographers receive the most effective online learning experience, Bryce has partnered with Craig Swanson, co-founder of CreativeLive, George Varanakis, former EVP of WPPI/Rangefinder and GM of Photo Talent at CreativeLive, and Aaron Andersen, former executive producer at CreativeLive, to create a learning environment that is stimulating, motivating, and interactive.
“I am excited and fortunate to be working with three of the biggest innovators of online learning in the industry,” Ms. Bryce explains. “Craig, George, and Aaron have used their expertise to help me build a website that is robust, intuitive, and fun. I am so excited about the new Sue Bryce Education 2.0 website.”
“Sue Bryce is one of the foremost educators in the photo industry and shares her knowledge with standing-room-only audiences all over the world,” said George Varanakis. “The ability for photographers to learn from Sue in the comfort and convenience of their home or studio and still have direct access to her and other leading professionals is what really makes Sue Bryce Education such a special proposition.”
For the $35 per month subscription, members will have 24/7 access to exclusive content covering all creative and business aspects of running a photography studio including all of the tutorial videos and photo shoots. The videos address numerous topics including strobe and natural lighting, Photoshop and post-processing, business and money management, and great money-saving DIY tips, among many others. Through each video, students will also have direct access to Sue Bryce, mentors and fellow students for a complete, interactive experience.
About Sue Bryce
With 26 years experience, Sue Bryce is one of the most recognizable photographers in the imaging industry. Her glamour, fashion and portrait style transcend past stereotypes and has changed the face of portrait photography.
After becoming the most watched instructor on CreativeLive, Sue has created her own ground-breaking educational platform, in which she uses her signature techniques to educate photographers and empower businesses internationally. Sue’s powerful education has singlehandedly helped photography businesses grow all over the world, and she is known for her unwavering support for her students. Sue was awarded the WPPI International 2014 Grand Award, Australian Portrait Photographer of the Year in 2011 and 2012, and Fellow II National Awards Photographer of the Year in 2007, to name a few.

"your ability to confidently step forward into the world and tell people what you're worth will change your future" _sue bryce

To learn more about Sue Bryce Education,

Sue with her pup Cookie – image credit: Nikki Closser


WPPI Learning Headshots Class 2016

Lori Patrick is teaching the hands on class
Learning Headshots for WPPI in LasVegas

sold out

What will you learn:

This is a class where you are the model and photographer.

Lori will lead a discussion about capturing for intention, posing, cropping and more. We will then jump into grabbing a partner and take turns shooting each other. Expect to work with more than one partner. The more you do, the better you will come to understanding both sides of the lens. Lori will work the room to coach and view back of camera images and give direction. This will be fast paced. Switch sides or partners within 10 minutes. Like a school dance, cut in.

Join our … The Headshot with Lori Patrick group on FaceBook.

Feel free to share your images with your partners to use in social media. These classes are fun and new friendships are formed. Support each other.


What to bring:

Your DSLR and favorite portrait lens.  I will suggest a 50mm or 85mm. I would like to see you shooting at f8 as an average for crisp images and we will find natural light. There will be a few portable backdrops available.

Bring business cards to share with your shooting partners for sharing purposes. Those utilizing model releases, do so after the walk to save time. Please drop a business card with Lori as well.

Our class is early, 8:30 AM, so dress for the day, with a shirt or top that you would want your headshot taken in. Get your beauty / handsome sleep.

The objective is to learn directing, posing and expression for a client’s headshot intention in this class.

I look forward to our PhotoWalk. This is my favorite way to teach.

An excerpt from 2015


A special shout out to some supporting vendors.

Westcott  the loan of an X backdrop for demonstration

ThinkTank Photo  a welcome gift 

Spider Holster  pro demo support

Finao Albums  a welcome gift

Hands On! See you there.

We meet in hallway 106 100 in the conference center.


Sue Bryce Launches New Site

We have loved her on CreativeLIVE for 3 years. Now we have her up close and personal on an interactive website and blog for client based glamour education.


sue bryce education


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For over a year Sue has been producing beautiful shoots and finding concepts in each one to film segments as education topics for the new website. She has watched for the needs and questions frequently asked in her community groups on Facebook and delivered the answers through video recordings just released today on her launch. The conversation will continue and more in depth with Sue and her team of 9 glamour photographer mentors trained by her on the Convocation page. If you want honest to goodness Critique of an image or PDF in a very safe environment, there is a page for that. Hear from Sue, the Mentors and others in the community to help you grow and flourish during your studio training. Together we can own a quote by Sue.

“I know when I’m in my studio with a camera and a client,
I’m going to take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself”.
-Sue Bryce

Once you subscribe to the service for only $25. a month, you will have access to the the above mentioned and the incredible video content on subjects for varying subjects tea staining flowers, editing a mature face, LOTS of DIY from wardrobe to backgrounds and beyond,  specialty shoots… I could go on and on, but want you to see for yourself the care and love that went into producing this for you.  This is content that was not demonstrated on her CreativeLIVE classes mostly. It does not end there. Sue will continue to create video content indefinitely according to what you need to learn.  At launch there are already 125 videos to absorb. Sue promises to keep this site very fresh and interactive. Her passion and life’s work is here and she wants you to succeed. Even before viewing the resources now available to you, the Gallery is a good place to start as an inspiration for learning to create beautiful portraits in your own community.

Sue is the ONE educator that has successfully brought back Glamour Photography tastefully and respectfully for studio photographers to completely understand the concept from lighting, posing, styling, marketing and service. 
She is one woman in the midst of many changed lives from photographer to client.


Part of a note I wrote to Sue during the beta test. I am also one of the 9 mentors on the site.
(see us on CreativeLIVE along with Sue for Portrait Startup on building a glamour studio, the first 3 years)

‘What do I see when looking at the new website
I see and feel the magic of that first time we met you on creativeLIVE. The emotive feelings while watching the videos on the intro page that leads to an understanding of why this is so important. One woman at a time.
I feel the respect you deserve for all your years of service, art and education.
I see a gallery very well rounded that speaks to your sensibilities. 
I love the page inviting viewers to train with 28 Days with Sue Bryce. It is our pride and joy for all that own it and is making studio dreams come true right before our eyes with testimony in the groups.
I am grateful and honored to be a part of this next chapter of the journey as we continue to foster and find the next true glamour photographers as they learn from Sue Bryce Education resources’

-article written by Lori Patrick