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Lori is a portrait designer, community builder & teacher in the photographic arts. Enjoys both big city & country living. Travel nurtures her cultural mind. Loves a black & white cat called Oliver.

Inspiration in Full Bloom

She couldn’t help herself as she picked up her brush, opened some acrylic paint, spread out a big roll of paper and let it flow. Tamara Knight suddenly brought a full floral backdrop collection to life, full of romantic color and graceful strokes as she imagined a lovely subject placed in front, ready to be preserved in a portrait of lasting signifigance.

I watched the whole thing unfold, you see, it all happened in a little group of 20,000 + members on Facebook for glamour photographers I co-founded in January 2013, for students of Sue Bryce to learn together and become better studio photographers under her education umbrella. Named after Sue’s blog This group is InBedWithSue with members that mean business. 

We run full circle with an array of topics. No, we don’t get into camera tech a whole lot, but we do love to talk about lighting, posing and well … styling.  Styling is the subtle but intense difference in a lasting portrait. Sue reminds everyone to #existinphotos as an heirloom for their families. 

Styling … from fluffy tulle skirts, how to make, where to source material, how much of it and beyond to paint colors for poly boards you purchase at a hardware store and strap to the top of your vehicle, a 4 x 8 sheet mind you, and when we buy one, usually it’s really 3. We talk endlessly about gowns and how to work with hair & make up. Then there is the furnishing … let’s see, apple boxes, white ottomans, chairs, sofas and then we have to paint some of these finds. We have researched together and learned how to paint an entire sofa. Yes, fabric too. And we have, many times. We are a glamour machine in this group…

Then the backdrops started and boy did they … It started with painting canvas in a triple layer of paints to create old masters looks. Within one month we probably had over 100 people creating them. Not long after, we had members making flower backdrops in any way they could imagine and playing show and tell. We had paper created ones, coffee filters and artificial florals. Then out of the blue, one of our long standing members showed a few images of herself painting lovely, large pink flowers on some paper. My first thought was Oh My! Now that is something. Tamara Knight then commenced to say soon after “I can’t stop myself” feeling every ounce of energy we gave her in our adoration as a group. Our members love to put it out there too, “I would love to buy one from you” started from many of the voices in her posting threads. 

It begins


But how? Tamara quickly came to the conclusion she could photograph the work and bring the idea of a line to a good quality backdrop company. Aileen Treadwell of Baby Dream Backdrops had the instinct that these would fill a need for her client base and the Tamara Knight Collection was initiated, coming to fruition and on the market in less than 2 weeks with four different unique designs with more to be introduced.  

The Collection

©Tamara Knight

 The building of a collection

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From the artist:  “It all started with the flower backdrop which was introduced by Sue Bryce. I wanted one, but I didn’t have the time to create it, I needed the backdrop for the next day. So I grabbed my kid’s acrylic paint, the roll of the seamless paper which I had for years, but never used and it all started. I painted my backdrop that night, used it and shared the results with ‘In Bed with Sue’ group. I was overwhelmed by the response! Such a supportive group! Soon after I created 4 more backdrops within a week and approached Baby Dream Backdrops company – one of the best in the industry, I am thrilled that they picked up my designs”.

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Any favorite equipment choices and editing programs for your work?

My 80mm 1.2 and 70-200 2.8 lenses. I use Lightroom to cull images and do very basic editing, but it is Photoshop all the way from there. I love working on composites for fun. 

Who do you follow as an inspiration or education source?

Sue Bryce, Jerry Ghionis, Lindsay Adler to name a few. But the biggest impact was Sue Bryce and her teaching. I first discovered her on CreativeLive and now I own her courses which are brilliant! If you can only afford one course – get Sue’s 28 days! She is an amazing photographer and a teacher. Very sincere, she moved so many photographers around the world to strive for better. She is my biggest inspiration!


Tamara Knight Photography specializes in modern beauty, children and family photography.



Paul C. Buff / A memoriam

IN MEMORIUM: One of our great light providers has followed his. Rest in peace Mr. Buff. You have helped create extraordinary work. Your legend will continue with photographers for years to come.

Read the entire story on Paul’s site. This spirited man will be missed greatly. 



If anyone would care to submit images utilizing the lighting from Paul’s arsenal send to me stating what equipment used, sized at 800 long side.

Please email me at and I will include them on this tribute posting. 

©John Watt / Alien Bee & Speedlights

©John Watt / Alien Bee & Speedlights



©Victoria Pavlatos /

GinaLantzPhotography-LopezFamily-800- -0853

©Gina Lantz / Alien Bee 800 with Paul C Buff Octobox


©Matt Meiers / two Einsteins (gridded stripboxes)


©Benjamin Marcum / One AlienBee 800

20150307-gretatorry0270-rw1 copy

©Michael Gowin / Einstein in a 60″ Photek Softlighter II plus 2 behind

Cutting Edge Photography ROCKSTAR Senior Portraits

©David Hakamaki / 2  AB-800s (main and fill) with 1 AB-400 (kicker) & Cybersync trigger system


©Jon Lisbon / Einstein in a PaulBuff beauty dish with grid.

Leonard Nimoy Inspires Us

“Live long and prosper” He said that till the end of life, believing fully in the notion that we must live every day as our gift. Even in his tweets, he signed off with LLAP. Here is his final one.

NimoyNikon 2015-03-01 11.16.00


To some photographers, it is a pleasant surprise to learn that Leonard was a photographer from an early age. His Spock persona and narrations were most popular but he truly had a deep side to his art, including poetry.  Leonard shot primarily in B&W keeping contrast in specific realities.

Screenshot 2015-03-01 10.45.30


We are talking about his work on his Full Body Project. Instead of elaborating on it, I am referencing his Artist Statement below. I chose to feature this project because the conceptual work of these two images are executed with superb attention and styling choice. It helps us get into his head upon viewing as he utilizes the Newton diptych inspiration.

Screenshot 2015-03-01 11.01.20

©Leonard Nimoy


Screenshot 2015-03-01 11.05.13

©Leonard Nimoy


“My dream concept is that I have a camera and I am trying to photograph what is essentially invisible. And every once in a while I get a glimpse of her and I grab that picture”. — Leonard Nimoy


Artist Statement as told to R. Michelson Galleries. Representing his photographs. See more of his work on the gallery site.

The Full Body Project Leonard Nimoy

“Who are these women? Why are they in these pictures? What are their lives about? How do they feel about themselves? These are some of the questions I wanted to raise through the images in this collection.

This current body of work is a departure for me. For a number of years, I have been producing images using the female figure. I have worked with numerous models who were professional people earning their living by posing, acting, dancing, or any combination thereof. But, as has been pointed out to me in discussions at exhibitions of my work, the people in these pictures always fell under the umbrella of a certain body type. I’ll call it a “classic” look. Always within range of the current social consensus of what is “beautiful.” In fact, that was the adjective I most often heard when my work was exhibited. The women as they appeared in my images were allotted no individual identity. They were hired and directed to help me express an idea—sometimes about sexuality, sometimes about spirituality—and usually about feminine power. But the pictures were not about them. They were illustrating a theme, a story I hoped to convey.

These women are interested in “fat liberation.” They hold jobs in the theater, the film industry and in business—and together they perform in a burlesque presentation called

“Fat Bottom Revue.” The nature and degree of costuming and nudity in their performances is determined by the venue and the audience, which can range from children’s birthday parties, to stag parties. I wanted these pictures to be more about them. These women are projecting an image that is their own. And one that also stems fro m their own story rather than mine. Their self-esteem is strong. One of them has a degree in anthropology and will tell you that ideas of beauty and sexuality are “culture bound”—that these ideas are not universal or fixed, and that they vary and fluctuate depending on place and time. They will tell you that too many people suffer because the body they live in is not the body you find in the fashion magazines.

My process was simple, yet different than how I had worked in the past. I was initially interested in revisiting two works of female subjects by Herb Ritts and Helmut Newton: specifically Ritts’ image of a group of supermodels, who were posed nude and clustered together on the floor, and a Newton diptych wherein the two images are identical in pose, except one image showed the models clothed, and the other showed them unclothed. The models were shown the images by Herb Ritts and Helmut Newton and they were quite prepared to present themselves in response to the poses that those images suggested. I asked them to be proud, which was a condition they took to easily, quite naturally. Having completed the compositions that were initially planned, I then asked them to play some music that they had brought with them, and they quickly responded to the rhythms, dancing in a free-form circular movement with in the space. It was clear that they were comfortable with the situation, with each other, and were enjoying themselves.

With these new images, I am now hearing different words. Sometimes “beautiful,” but with a different sub-text. I hear comments, which lead to questions. The questions lead to discussions—about beauty, social acceptability, plastic surgery, our culture and health. In these pictures these women are proudly wearing their own skin. They respect themselves and I hope that my images convey that to others”.

LN book 2015-03-01 10.48.37

click to view on


 A good look inside his world as a photographer 

WPPI Learning Headshots Class 2015

Lori Patrick is teaching the hands on class

Learning Headshots for WPPI in LasVegas 




Book Author

Click this image for registration 

Screenshot 2015-02-13 18.01.12


What will you learn:

This is a class where you are the model and photographer. 

Lori will lead a discussion about capturing for intention, posing, cropping and more. We will then jump into grabbing a partner and take turns shooting each other. Expect to work with more than one partner. The more you do, the better you will come to understanding both sides of the lens.  Lori will work the room to coach and view back of camera images and give direction. This will be fast paced. Switch sides or partners within 10 minutes. Like a school dance, cut in.                            

You want to then go home and edit these images for critique in a special file in The Headshot with Lori Patrick group on FaceBook by Lori. Feel free to share your images with your partners to use in social media. These classes are fun and new friendships are formed. Support each other.







What to bring:

Your DSLR and favorite portrait lens. Since bokeh isn’t the lesson in this class I will suggest a 50mm or 85mm.  I would like to see you shooting at f8 as an average for crisp images. I will have 2 Westcott IceLights for demo purposes and portability and we will find natural light. There will be a few portable backdrops available.

Bring business cards to share with your shooting partners for sharing purposes. Those utilizing model releases, do so after the walk to save time.

Our class is early, 8:30 AM, so dress for the day, with a shirt or top that you would want your headshot taken in. Get your beauty / handsome sleep. 

The objective is to learn directing, posing and expression for a client’s headshot intention in this class. 

I look forward to our PhotoWalk. This is my favorite way to teach.

A special shout out to some supporting vendors. 

Westcott for the loan of 2 IceLights for demonstration.

Fotodiox Pro for the loan of pop up backdrops for headshot shooting.

ThinkTank Photo for a welcome gift.

Shoot Proof for a welcome gift.

Hands On!  See you there.

Find STUDIO B on the map! See arrow.

That is our meeting point. We will go to the location from there. 

Screenshot 2015-02-13 20.43.42


Here are some behind the scenes from a similar venue in October 2014.                                         


In 1983 Lori Patrick began her studies and practice of photography with NYIP. Lori started producing headshots in 2006 for a newspaper covering arts and entertainment. She is a creator and community builder of some popular facebook teaching groups with over 25,000 in membership, including The Headshot with Lori Patrick. From this experience she has curated Photo Communiqué a working photographers education site. Lori believes that most anyone can use a good headshot these days as we are seeing the shift from print to fast paced online needs, everything from websites to LinkedIn and beyond. Due to this, we have an unlimited bread and butter client base that leads to great relationships which could turn into other specialty portrait needs by your studio. In her Hands On Headshot Classes, everyone experiences shooting and directing and then becomes the subject as well. Lori shares insight on how to find clients along with posing and getting the right expression for the intent of the session. 


Why yes … it is a Glamour Revolution


 When I started a little group on FaceBook for glamour portrait photographers in 2012…



Image by Felix Kunze ©2014

…we had no idea what impact it would have around the world for the evolution of so many. We have seen individuals open luxurious studios and turning out work of superior quality based on what Sue has given us and the support they find in InBedWithSue. With this group, they  have a place to expand upon the education of Sue Bryce within a strong and respecting community.

If you are seeing a modern glamour studio in your area in the past few years, it is likely due to Sue’s love for women to ‪‎exist in photos‬ with the fire she ignited in her classes on CreativeLIVE

These images we are making are heirloom quality for a lifetime. Our clients are finding beauty from the heart outward. We jokingly referred to this as a glamour revolution in the beginning. It came true.

We are nearing 20,000 members now with over 15 spin off groups offering service to other genres from newborns to males, headshots and bridal all in the great company of IBWS members. 

We have now developed mentors for the glamour platform within IBWS and they are heading to California in April to train with Sue so they can help portrait photographers reach their fullest potential and get the education needed.

Working as the manager for IBWS groups is the greatest achievement in my career to date. It is such an important duty. I have put my own studio on the back burner to help others with their education. 

View the video and you will see why this remarkable woman is changing portrait photography for the everyday woman in her own studio outreach.
Much more to come… just celebrating this milestone with you. It’s a big one.

Our Mentors

Lori Patrick / 


Nikki Closser /


Joanna Ziemlewski /


Emily London /


Heike Delmore /


Tammy Zurak /


Bethany Johs /


Shauna Lofy /


Tatiana Lumiere /



Click to view the Sue Bryce Collection

Screenshot 2015-02-07 16.32.32



Forum Trolls Need Not Apply

Your work blows.

My camera is bigger than yours.

Why don’t you read your manual.

a case study of the type of statements you may hear from a forum troll


We have all seen them at their best, getting the invalid point across to the last word. Needing attention. Bully mentality in fast forward. The important thing is, recognize that it’s starting and just bow out of the conversation. Don’t you ever let someone’s bad energy affect you and don’t kill him/her with kindness. It will never be effective. Just be still and the impending troll will remain hiding behind a screen just waiting for a new victim to scour. They do form a reputation, you know. People start private messaging to save a souls conscience from a left field attack you swear an alien bestowed upon you. Must be something out of this world. 

"The kind of man who always thinks that he is right, that his opinions, his pronouncements, are the  final word, when once exposed shows nothing there. But a wise man has much to learn without a loss of dignity".                                                                                                                                                -SOPHOCLES, Antigone



I have been managing portrait forums since 2013 and learned a strange side of human nature. If you too run a chat-room or forum on FaceBook, LinkedIn, or for a company / franchise. Carry a no tolerence policy and live by it. It is a privilege to belong to a forum, not a right. Protect your members and keep the environment positive for learning. It’s vital to the forum’s success and I would prefer my members sleep better than a troll on any day.

Hit the ban member button and move on with the good stuff. That’s why your members came in the first place.

"You may not have very much sense. But if you have enough to keep your mouth shut and look wise, it will not be long before you acquire a wide reputation as a fountain of Wisdom".  -ROBERT ELLIOTT GONZALES                                                                                                                   


This poster was sent to me after a friend and I witnessed a troll experience today. I wanted to make a quick article for a while now and artist Woody Hearn has put it all in perspective here. When were you trolled last? Instead of having a tear or your blood pressure rise, come on back to this post and get a giggle instead. All in good therapy.

To find more of Woody’s comic work or commission him. Click here

And on FaceBook find Woody on his GU Comics page.

Soul of a Flower / Kathleen Clemons

Photo Communiqué Featured Artist with Kathleen Clemons

Beyond Fine Art / Her work makes you stare in wonder. 

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” -William Shakespeare 

Before coming a photographer professionally I owned a flower shop for 16 years. Being surrounded by flowers daily I was in awe of the intricacies within the petals. They carry a life of beauty with every stage of opening to a specimen hard to forget. Color, texture and form.  Kathleen Clemons / Master Photographer specializing in macro florals has created one impressive piece after another, thrilling the viewer. She has a place in the fine art community. I call her a flower whisperer. -Lori Patrick

Let’s start with your name and where you reside or work

My name is Kathleen Clemons and I live in a small town on the Coast of Maine.

Your line of work pertaining to the photographic community

I am primarily a Nature Photographer, my work is represented worldwide by Corbis and Getty Images. I have a degree in Education, and teach online classes at the Bryan Peterson School of Photography . I teach several location workshops each year as well. Combining my love of teaching with my passion for Photography brings me great joy.

What type of photography do you enjoy for fun or personal fulfillment?

I love making all kinds of photos, from macro to landscapes to portraits of people, I am always happy to have a camera in my hand. I specialize in nature photos, and am known for my flower portraits.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

©Kathleen Clemons 

Any favorite equipment choices for your work?

I am a Canon shooter, and my favorite lenses for flower portraits and macro in general are my Lensbabies. I love selective focus photography, and my Lensbabies provide just the look I want for my flower images. Lensbaby recently called me the Georgia O’Keeffe of Lensbaby flower photography and I was truly honored!

 What editing programs are your go to?

I edit in Photoshop, and also use software by Nik and MacPhun

 Who do you follow as an inspiration or education source?

I love to see what my photographer friends are shooting and check their websites, blogs and Facebook pages often, and I find inspiration from artists of all kinds, not just photographers. I really like to try new techniques, and get very excited when I have come up with something new to try in camera, or in post-processing. I just started making textures for Macphun software, and am loving that process. Now that Lensbaby makes a lens for my phone, the LM-10, I am shooting more with my iPhone and am enjoying posting those photos on Instagram and seeing what other people are posting there as well. I always tell my students to ask themselves, “What would happen if…?” and to then go try it, and I try to follow my own advice and do the same as it keeps my work fresh and me growing as a photographer.

Where can we find you online to see more or follow you?

The Art of Photographing Flowers on CreativeLIVE
Natural Light Macro Photography on Craftsy

Twitter: @kathleenclemons
Instagram @kathleenclemons

bio shot by Sue Bryce

Kathleen Clemons

View this video where Kathleen is featured with world acclaimed portrait photographer Sue Bryce for her 50 & Fabulous project. She sure is Sue. She sure is.

57 is Fabulous from on Vimeo.

PhotoWalk Contest Announcement

We dressed to the nines and photographed each other at Highland Park in NYC.

This event was for studio photographers of every skill level to come out and have some fun among their peers. Relationships were formed and portraits were made under the circumstance of challenging light on a chilly evening in late October. The air was filled with creation and teaming. After a little introduction, these participants adapted to the purpose quickly of not only photographing, but being photographed and directed, they left with a greater understanding of how a client may feel and maybe a new tip or two. They took on the lighting as a challenge, we had 2 IceLights, 2 large reflectors, some brought speed lights and the awful street lamps. But this lesson wasn’t about lighting so much. It was all about capturing expression and directing poses. Lori was in awe of the scene unfolding and pulled out an iPod in the moment to capture some behind the scenes. See video in this article. Powered by Animoto.

For the first PhotoWalk (changing the term to portrait soireé for 2015) we reached out to some incredible sponsors to support prizes. 

We greatly appreciate the support of these fine companies.

Thank you from Lori and Photo Communiqué 

CreativeLive / Sue Bryce 

Grand Prize:
Choose one Sue Bryce Photographer class from her
Instructor Catalog with CreativeLive. Including 28 Days with Sue.

ThinkTank Photo

Best Overall Headshot Prize
THINK TANK PHOTO Retrospective 7 Camera Bag


Best Male Headshot Prize:
One year PRO Animoto subscription


Best Female Headshot Prize:
A beautiful Marilyn Box from Finao Albums with your images.

A big thanks to Westcott  Ice Lights for lighting our night.


Glamorous PhotoWalk on the Highline NYC from Lori Patrick on Vimeo.

Winning Entries posted on the FaceBook Photo Communiqué page.


winner Maryanne Teng Hogarth modeled by Jenny Levine



winner Benedict Cupid modeled by Natalia


Best Overall HEADSHOT

winner Doreen Miranda modeled by Benedict Cupid

Doreen overall hs


winner Whitney Collins modeled by Keila Rodriguez



winner Jay L.A. Bastian modeled by Ryan Eda


There are some special mentions in the video as well. It was extremely difficult to choose winners of each category. Each one had close contenders. Photo Communiqué and Lori Patrick wishes to thank every participant for coming out and enjoying an evening of portrait photography. Hope to see you at another event. 

Daniel’s “Divine Consciousness”

Photo Communiqué Featured Artist with Daniel Sanchez

Sometimes the 3 letter word WOW flies into your thoughts.
(expressing astonishment or admiration) “Wow!” he cried enthusiastically"

©Daniel Sanchez

 I routinely look at videos to see how people are progressing with their work on a forum I manage with the video creation platform utilized by businesses and photographers around the globe. 

 I was intrigued by the cover of Daniel’s video and watched the clever presentation of his work and artist belief system. I immediately scooped him up as a featured artist on Photo Communiqué. I particularly love that he professes a non gear acquisition approach. This factor hurts many photographers starting out. He also studies well and puts it to work. He is one to watch. -Lori Patrick

Let’s start with your name and where you reside or work

My name is Daniel Sanchez. I was born and raised in Ecuador, then moved to New York 6 years ago to pursue my career in Photography.

Your line of work pertaining to the photographic community.

Fine Art and Portrait Photography

Tell us about your project of what inspired Lori to reach out for a feature with you.

I made a big announcement through the social media networks when I launched my series Divine Consciousness. I was promoting a video titled “Fine Art Photography Explained in 60 Seconds” where I showed in detail my journey that led to this moment in my career.

This was my first Fine Art Project, so I didn’t want to publish the artwork alone. I thought it needed a video that delivers a strong message to my audience. That’s how Lori found me and invited me to share my story!

 What type of photography do you enjoy for fun or personal fulfillment? 

I do all type of things when I shoot for fun, specially when I’m out of new ideas. A few months ago I went hiking because I wanted to spend time outside of my studio and practice some landscape photography. Today, I do that in a regular basis in case I need stock images in the future. I also get in touch with the community at Model Mayhem, when I want to experiment with new techniques. It helps my models and I to improve our portfolios!

What do you specialize in for business?

Although my main priority is to exhibit my work in galleries, most of my income as a photographer comes from taking headshots of Actors and Models in New York City. I want to expand that business and eventually do both full time. That’s the dream!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

 ©Daniel Sanchez

 Any favorite equipment choices for your work?

My weapon of choice it’s the old and reliable Nikon D5100 with the standard 18-55mm lens. I’ve been shooting with this camera since day one. For some people that’s a shocker! because it’s a cropped sensor camera. The truth is that most cameras today will do the job as long as you light your subject properly.

 What editing programs are your go to?

Camera Raw to setup my photographs and then Photoshop for the retouching process.

 Who do you follow as an inspiration or education source?

I am a big fan of Miss Aniela and Brooke Shaden, their work it’s the perfect combination of fantasy and surrealism. I often watch their Behind The Scenes videos when I need inspiration for my own work.

When it comes to education I visit photography blogs like Phlearn, Fstoppers, SLR Lounge and Peta Pixel. They got the most current and relevant tutorials on the internet. But let’s not forget about Creative Live, their workshops are the best thing that happened to photographers. Plus it’s free if you watch them live.

 Where can we find more of your work, or follow you Daniel?

Online Store:


Youtube Channel

Daniel Sanchez

At Photo Communiqué, we look forward to seeing what masterpieces this passionate artist creates next.

Leanne Munro / Self Portrait

See Leanne’s Spotlight 21 Story



                                                                                                                                                                                                   ©Leanne Munro

            Leanne’s page & flickr