Sue Bryce Launches New Site

We have loved her on CreativeLIVE for 3 years. Now we have her up close and personal on an interactive website and blog for client based glamour education.


sue bryce education


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For over a year Sue has been producing beautiful shoots and finding concepts in each one to film segments as education topics for the new website. She has watched for the needs and questions frequently asked in her community groups on Facebook and delivered the answers through video recordings just released today on her launch. The conversation will continue and more in depth with Sue and her team of 9 glamour photographer mentors trained by her on the Convocation page. If you want honest to goodness Critique of an image or PDF in a very safe environment, there is a page for that. Hear from Sue, the Mentors and others in the community to help you grow and flourish during your studio training. Together we can own a quote by Sue.

“I know when I’m in my studio with a camera and a client,
I’m going to take the best photograph you have ever seen of yourself”.
-Sue Bryce

Once you subscribe to the service for only $25. a month, you will have access to the the above mentioned and the incredible video content on subjects for varying subjects tea staining flowers, editing a mature face, LOTS of DIY from wardrobe to backgrounds and beyond,  specialty shoots… I could go on and on, but want you to see for yourself the care and love that went into producing this for you.  This is content that was not demonstrated on her CreativeLIVE classes mostly. It does not end there. Sue will continue to create video content indefinitely according to what you need to learn.  At launch there are already 125 videos to absorb. Sue promises to keep this site very fresh and interactive. Her passion and life’s work is here and she wants you to succeed. Even before viewing the resources now available to you, the Gallery is a good place to start as an inspiration for learning to create beautiful portraits in your own community.

Sue is the ONE educator that has successfully brought back Glamour Photography tastefully and respectfully for studio photographers to completely understand the concept from lighting, posing, styling, marketing and service. 
She is one woman in the midst of many changed lives from photographer to client.


Part of a note I wrote to Sue during the beta test. I am also one of the 9 mentors on the site.
(see us on CreativeLIVE along with Sue for Portrait Startup on building a glamour studio, the first 3 years)

‘What do I see when looking at the new website
I see and feel the magic of that first time we met you on creativeLIVE. The emotive feelings while watching the videos on the intro page that leads to an understanding of why this is so important. One woman at a time.
I feel the respect you deserve for all your years of service, art and education.
I see a gallery very well rounded that speaks to your sensibilities. 
I love the page inviting viewers to train with 28 Days with Sue Bryce. It is our pride and joy for all that own it and is making studio dreams come true right before our eyes with testimony in the groups.
I am grateful and honored to be a part of this next chapter of the journey as we continue to foster and find the next true glamour photographers as they learn from Sue Bryce Education resources’

-article written by Lori Patrick


  1. I can’t tell you how excited I am about Sue’s new website and the Mentors (you!). Great blog post – thanks so much Lori for all your work.

  2. I’m so glad I could join Sue’s education membership group. I met her at a photography convention a few years back and she left a lasting impression on me. I join alot of different photography groups,but I really feel like I’ve finally found the best place to be.

    1. The education is so authentic and is truly client based. We leave the modeling work to the fashion industry. If you want to learn to service in your community, you are in the right place Karen. 🙂

  3. I absolutely love Sue Bryce and all she teaches but even more is who she is. A beautiful, wonderful lady I will always admire and want to learn from.

  4. I remember seeing Sue’s trailer for her first Creative Live, I thought, who is this sad girl who’s still stuck on Glamour Photography?! I giggled at the thought as most do when that Glamour word is uttered. But she seemed so cute, I thought she doesn’t look crazy, so what on earth… How could she be spinning this age old style. I tuned in, again, again,and again. Sue has been a light at the end of a long tunnel I’ve been traveling through. One foot in, one foot out, but whenever I tune in, the fog seems to clear and all seems to make sense again. And that, is priceless for me. Thank You Sue for being your true you, that never goes out of style.

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