Why yes … it is a Glamour Revolution


 When I started a little group on FaceBook for glamour portrait photographers in 2012…



Image by Felix Kunze ©2014

…we had no idea what impact it would have around the world for the evolution of so many. We have seen individuals open luxurious studios and turning out work of superior quality based on what Sue has given us and the support they find in InBedWithSue. With this group, they  have a place to expand upon the education of Sue Bryce within a strong and respecting community.

If you are seeing a modern glamour studio in your area in the past few years, it is likely due to Sue’s love for women to ‪‎exist in photos‬ with the fire she ignited in her classes on CreativeLIVE

These images we are making are heirloom quality for a lifetime. Our clients are finding beauty from the heart outward. We jokingly referred to this as a glamour revolution in the beginning. It came true.

We are nearing 20,000 members now with over 15 spin off groups offering service to other genres from newborns to males, headshots and bridal all in the great company of IBWS members. 

We have now developed mentors for the glamour platform within IBWS and they are heading to California in April to train with Sue so they can help portrait photographers reach their fullest potential and get the education needed.

Working as the manager for IBWS groups is the greatest achievement in my career to date. It is such an important duty. I have put my own studio on the back burner to help others with their education. 

View the video and you will see why this remarkable woman is changing portrait photography for the everyday woman in her own studio outreach.
Much more to come… just celebrating this milestone with you. It’s a big one.

Our Mentors

Lori Patrick / expressions21.com 


Nikki Closser / nikkiclosser.com


Joanna Ziemlewski / soulscapingphotography.com


Emily London / emilylondonportraits.com


Heike Delmore / coutureportait.ca


Tammy Zurak / zphotog.net


Bethany Johs / artographybybethany.com


Shauna Lofy / shaunalofy.com


Tatiana Lumiere / tatianalumiere.com



Click to view the Sue Bryce Collection

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  1. Hi,I’m a photographer from Belgium.
    Starting my business only two years ago,(part-time still working as a nurse) .Learning so munch the last months at creative live. I followed many courses,stay up very late because of the difference in time.The one with Sue (28days with Sue) changes my life.It was an amazing workshop,loved everything about it!
    Great to see such a big photographers connection from all around the world.Helping each other.
    I haven’t my studio yet but I know one day I will,…
    Like Sue teaches us so well “The only block in the way is you ,…:)
    My motto is “Every women is beautiful ,if she belief she is beautiful!
    Let women exist in photographs,no matter wich size,ages or culture.
    Wanted to thank everybody for this beautifull journee,….
    It was and is still amazing,….

    1. We are working toward making it even better and more authentic for the members in our groups Patricia. 28 Days Study Group is the one that will push you harder to your studio dream. 🙂

  2. There are always not so much THANKS how I would say to Sue for everything she is doing and how she share her experience with us. I have learned a lot about her photography and soon I hope to begin my pratice on portraits and glamour photography. Thanks also to everybody in the Sue’s group that are so kind to help each others everyday 🙂

  3. Bonjour Lori,

    I’m a french photographer and I’m in IWBS fb group.
    It is such a pleasure to read this article and to see the “glamour” revolution
    spreading it wings all over. Thank you again so much for all your hardwork to maintain this beautiful community of photographers all over the world.

    I’m really thrilled to read that mentors are invited to meet and learn from Sue Bryce!
    May I ask wich mentors are european ?

    Thank you so much,

    1. At this time, all the mentors are US and Canada. Tatiana is european living in the US. It just worked out that way when we qualified them. We hope to have an ambassador program to serve other countries, but we are taking it one step at a time so we get this right. 😉

      1. Thank you for your answer Lori, I’m in contact with several european and french photographers here and some do not speack english very well, but are hugely inspired by Sue. Let me know if I can help you spread the GGR ! It will be a pleasure !
        All the best

        1. And here is an other european. 🙂 It is definately a global glamour movement!

          Even that I´m probably still in my early stages, without a studio. No garage and my appartement only has about 20 squaremetres. But I like it: to look for locations suitable for clients or just go to their homes. Being mobile has its advantages, too.

          Have fun on your mentor-get-together and thanks!

  4. Amazing Ms. Lori, this world needs a GGR and gritty women to get us there. Count me in! Many, many thanks to the amazing Sue Bryce, the inspirational you (Lori) and all the talented mentors for helping pave the way. I will continue to support Sue’s CL courses and be involved in the FB groups — she has given us a lot more than photography skills. She’s given us a sisterhood that we’ve so desperately needed!

    Sending lots of inspiration and well-wishes for a successful mentor training!

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