The Importance of Community … Forums, Groups & Hangouts

in support of studio education

What’s a photographer to do? That is the question. Not so far in the distant past, photographers relied on books and magazines to find answers to many questions while becoming or working as a professional. Along came the forum via the web and for a long time they provided a place to communicate with others to find answers. Still do. In the past couple years, a new horizon has come along with photo shares, critiques, solid advice and more on almost any aspect the field has to offer. Most commonly utilized now on Facebook as Groups, one can ask to join one, an administrator enters you and suddenly you’re in a sort of chatroom where no one can see what happens unless a member in the same group. The posts, photos and file shares are for members eyes only (not our clients, family or others) We are witnessing growth in both skill set and business pursuits. Groups run with good administration are seeing very good success with the members. A good administration will keep the groups focus on topic, screen for spammers trying to join, boot the bullies and help keep an interesting flow available.

I began Photo Communiqué as a result of such groups, feeling the desire to build a place to explore further for the working photographer as an extension to what they want and current topics being discussed in these groups as well as introduce artists as Spotlight21 posts. At the time of writing I have four ongoing groups that were developed in the past 2 years that I check in on daily. One is now at 17,300 members, a glamour portrait group focusing on Modern Women’s Portraiture that carries 13 mentors and is based on CreativeLIVE’s classes with educator/photographer Sue Bryce. We created another one for students that own her 28 Days with Sue class and follows along the lessons week by week. Two of my groups focus on Headshots only and Self Portraiture which is the basis of a book I am producing featuring it’s members.

The purpose of this posting is to share what some of our members think of being involved in the groups. I do not utilize Google at this time for hangouts due to time commitments, but understand there is much success over there too. You will see it is time well spent in the continued education effort for your studio business.

I asked this question in InBedWithSue

Please give me some research or testimonial time in this thread of what active community learning and support means to you. (with permission for this posting)

Erin 2014-08-08 00.58.10

tammyz 2014-08-08 00.56.02

Debbie 2014-08-08 00.56.41

tatiana 2014-08-08 00.55.36

Penelope 2014-08-08 00.57.02

Aurora 2014-08-08 01.21.07

Asking the same question in the 28 Days Study Group

Screenshot 2014-08-08 01.27.32

Screenshot 2014-08-08 01.28.42

Screenshot 2014-08-08 01.29.29

Screenshot 2014-08-08 01.31.13

Screenshot 2014-08-08 01.35.12

Screenshot 2014-08-08 01.35.39

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Alex 2014-08-08 01.37.46

Thank you for contributing everyone.


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