a portraits most important element … SKIN

SKIN 101

If you don’t get the skin correct in your portrait, let’s face it, you will have big problems editing and possibly will not have a sale with the image. Whether you are photographing / Beauty … Fashion … Seniors …  Headshots … Boudoir … you want to prepare the skin correctly, light it for particular clients individually to get it right, make sure color balance is right in camera and understand the importance of editing for skin.

Whatever skin type or ethnicity you need to understand, Lindsay will explain so you are prepared for any client from now on.

 Skin 101: Lighting, Retouching

and Understanding Skin



Skin 101

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Lindsay Adler  taught us Fashion Flair …

Retouching Skills … Posing and more.

Her body of work is exquisite in her focus work, the fashion industry.

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